Tour on the Loire River

Ride with "Coche d'eau" of Saumur Loire

In the 19th century, the Loire was one of the most important maritime routes in France, on which countless merchant ships sailed. Many years later, the trips with the specail local boat , coche d'eau, of Saumur-Loire allow you to relive the adventures of these bargemen, while enjoying a glass of wine and some local food. Along the river and the city of Saumur, the castle of Montsoreau and the superb gardens of Candes-Saint-Martin are drawn under a new angle, offering a new view along the wild banks of the largest river of the countrys.

Practical information :

From Saumur to Candes-Saint-Martin. Every Saturday, from May 5 to August 25.

Round trip : 32€/adult & 16€/children

Duration : Around 3h20

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