Painter, drawer and illustrator, Elvire's work is deployed in multiple domains, from exhibitions to the illustrated press, through publishing, theater, music and textiles. From the Estienne school to the Beaux-Arts of Paris, her career has led her to develop a pictorial universe whose language is enriched with each new form, new context, new collaboration. It is precisely in this diversity that she finds her blooming and the resources for her creativity, considering that the artist's own characteristic is to "move". The FESTIVINI residency represents for Elvire an opportunity to explore a new field of collaboration, in the world of gastronomy which interests her particularly.

"Elvire Caillon's paintings are at first glance the translation of common images of happiness: daily scenes of quiet life, children, group visit to a museum, vacations, climbing, subway platform, ... familiar representations of today's life, never made on the ground but mounted from one of her photographs or a drawing projected on the canvas, allowing a precise and bold framing. The paintings of Elvire Caillon are inspiring. Her painting suggests a lot. She restores the emotional charge of the image by neutralizing certain details of the form and by playing on the different tints." Françoise Docquiert

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